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Discover RepRapWorld’s assortment of filament specials. We have grouped the filament specials by functions below. From weather-resistant filament to cleaning filament, we offer the filament for every application. With this collection, you will always be prepared for your next printing session!

Filament Specials by RepRapWorld

Explore our collection of filament specials, in place to provide you with multiple solutions. A 3D printer is best equipped with suitable filament for the project. Selecting the right filament will influence the properties and performance of a 3D model and the extent to which they fulfill their intended uses. Maintaining and cleaning your 3D printer is crucial in order for you to perform neat, clean prints. Read about the filament specials that make all the difference. 

Flexible filament

Find multiple grades of flexibility and bendiness in our flexible filaments section. We offer flexible and semi-flexible filament such as TPE and TPU in different shore hardness ranges. All of our flexible filament provide solutions for a range of flexible applications. Do take into account that most of the flexible filament is best printed with the direct drive extrusion system. 

Weather resistant filament

View our outdoor collection featuring the materials that can best withstand external chemical influences. These filament materials are highly durable and are unaffected by UV light, maintaining their original look after printing. Find materials for outdoor uses such as ASA filament and PETG filament.

Big Spools

There is no need to limit yourself to the standard spool sizes when you can now have big spools of 3 kg and 5 kg filament. Print continuously with our large spools, developed to make sure that you will have sufficient high-quality filament. Discover efficient printing with large filament spools by Real filament

Soluble filaments

Our soluble filament section is dedicated to high-quality support filament that provide your 3D model with reinforcement. Here we PVA filament, a support filament usually used for PLA filament that will disintegrate in warm water. In this selection, we also have another support filament known as HIPS filament dissolvable in d'limonene. Furthermore, we provide many variants of PVA to ensure excellent bonding with the material being used to print the 3D model.

Cleaning filament

Use our cleaning filament to effectively maintain your 3D printer. Avoid clogged nozzles and keep your hot end in the best condition with our cleaning filament available in the standard diameter sizes of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

Home extrusion

Use compatible pellet materials and extrude them with our pellet filament extruder. This is a great DIY and cost-effective way to create your own 3D filament at home. Check our assembled and unassembled pellet extruder kit. This is a fun and affordable way to create your own filament we have an assembled and unassembled version.

Value packs

Our PLA-Starters kit offers PLA filament in 8 different colors. This is an ideal kit to get started with, or a handy kit to have so that you are always equipped. The PLA filament by Real Filament is organic and biodegradable, and prints consistent high-quality models.

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