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Easily find electronic components for your 3D printer. In our large assortment, you can come across a range of options and solutions for your 3D printer and CNC machine. View the electronic components useful for part replacement and upgrades.

About 3D electronic components

Our collection of electronic parts consists of a variety of elements that make up part of a machine’s electronic system. The electronic system ensures that a 3D printer or CNC machine operates as efficiently as possible when carrying out tasks sent from the controller board. The electronics control the mechanical components, breathing life, and movement into your 3D printer or CNC machine.

Keep your machine in the best condition with a series of our electronic parts. When parts are not updated, a 3D printer can start to underperform. It could be that your 3D printer will perform slowly and less accurately. For example, when a thermistor is faulty, the 3D printer will not be able to correctly read the temperatures. This would be devastating to 3D printing quality, possibly failing during mid-print! This is why it is essential to maintain every electronic element to ensure the best 3D printer performance.

We offer a range of electronic solutions for every type of 3D printer. Updated electronics bring new features and boosts overall speed. Discover a range of upgrades to optimize your 3D printer for the best-looking prototypes and models!

Select 3D printer electronic parts

Would you like some assistance with making your decision on which electronic components fit your 3D printer best?

Please visit our electronics comparison page, where we share clear recommendations from our 3D printing experts. Here, you will find a breakdown of the most important features to take into consideration, making the selection process a breeze.

Feel free to explore the different subcategories of electronic parts, using the left filter menu to easily find what is appropriate for your machine. Use the extremely useful compare button found under all electronic products to assist you in finding equivalent or corresponding devices.

3D printer fans and cooling

Cooling is a very important aspect of a machine. Several fans can be placed in different parts of your computer or CNC machine. Avoid overheating in the motherboard and keep your machine operating with cooling fans. Overheating will damage parts of your machine and can require a full replacement of multiple components.

Having a fan placed at the hot end of your 3D printer will ensure that the extruded filament is cooled before landing on the build surface, resulting in high-quality 3D models. A cooling fan is an essential piece of the extruder ensuring successful prints with a low chance of warping and curling. We offer a variety of fans of different sizes with special features such as the PWM fan allowing you to control the cooling fan throughout a 3D print to custom cool different parts of the model. In case you are searching for a device producing no noise, discover our silent fans!

3D printer endstops

An endstop is placed on every axis and guarantees that an object stays on course on the axis during a 3D print, for example. It will ensure that the nozzle is extruding in the right place at all times. Endstops can also be used for other machines like CNC machines and laser engravers. They work through sensors that behave as a switch by relaying information back and forth to the controller board about the positioning.

3D power supplies

Find premium power supplies of all kinds for your 3D printer or CNC machine. We offer spare power supplies to replace your current power supply. We also provide power supplies for building your own 3D printer or CNC machine. Discover our efficient adapters and reduce the size of your custom-build 3D printer by transferring your power supply to the outside of the machine.

In our grande power supply collection, you can read about connecting the correct wiring to your machine. Furthermore, we offer in-depth information on decision-making in terms of power and electricity. Do not miss out on our power supply FAQ section, in place for avoiding the most common mistakes when connecting a power supply!

Do you have questions about the electronic components? Let us know through our customer service team, we are happy to be of assistance.

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